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Are guests and visitors with Day Passes allowed to leave and return to the pool during the same day?


Do I have to pay extra for swim lessons or other programs?

No. The cost of all Elm Park Pool program is included in the membership. However, there may be additional costs incurred over the course of the summer to promote special events like “movie night.” Also, members of the synchro teams need to wear the same style bathing suit, so the cost of an additional bathing suit is required.

How can I volunteer to help out at the pool?

There are many ways to help out at the pool. You can volunteer your time by becoming a member of the Executive Committee or by helping out in other ways.

How do I register?
What are the pool rules?
  1. Any instructions given by lifeguards must be followed.
  2. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult or guardian.
  3. Children under 6 and non-swimmers must be accompanied in the pool by an adult; the adults must be inside the white line when the child is in the wading area.
  4. No running, pushing or horseplay in the pool or pool area.
  5. Carrying someone on your shoulders is not allowed.
  6. Inflated toys, water wings, inner tubes, balls and similar toys are permitted ONLY during Rubber Ducky Swim.
  7. No hanging on the ropes.
  8. Diving is only permitted in the deep end, between the white arrows.
  9. When using the diving board, only one person on the board at a time, no running and only ONE bounce.
  10. No glass containers, no smoking, no pets inside the pool grounds.
  11. Do not enter the pump room, office or pool area in the absence of pool staff.
  12. Only pool members, guests or paid visitors can enter pool grounds.
What are the schedules for swim lessons, swim team, and other activities?

For the most up to date information on all schedules, consult the information board at the pool entrance or ask one of our staff.

Where do I get up-to-date information on upcoming pool events?

The pool staff is always willing to provide you with information for upcoming events such as swim meets. Online, you can check our home page.