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Board of Directors, Executive Committee and Pool Operations


The Board of Directors consists of a group of volunteers responsible for ensuring that all members continue to receive quality services at Elm Park Pool. No previous experience is required, only a willingness to help the Elm Park community and to make our pool season a great experience for all our members.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting, the Board of Directors is elected to serve for the following year. All members in good standing are eligible to hold a Director position, be a chairperson or just participate on one of the committees.


The current active Board of Directors is comprised of the following individuals:

Martin Plante
Karen Smith
Chad Jarema
Anne Hébert
François Audet
Dan Maloney
Ihab Tawfik
Karen Meyer
Les Raschkowan (Advisor, past president)


The Executive committee is responsible for the actual operations of Elm Park Pool and reports to the Board of Directors. Below a description of each of the Executive Committee roles.

President, Martin Plante


The President is responsible for the overall delivery of all the pool’s programs. The President works with the Executive Committee and coordinates the actions of staff and volunteers.

Secretary, Karen Smith

The Secretary’s role is to take minutes of the various meetings that take place during the year. The secretary’s role is vital in ensuring the Executive Committee acts in a timely and efficient manner.

Treasurer, Max Nykanorov

The treasurer’s main responsibility is to ensure the financial viability of the pool. This requires working with the Executive Committee on the annual budget and maintaining proper financial records. The Treasurer presents the year’s financial report at the Annual General Meeting.

Vice President of Operations, Vacant

The Vice-President of Operations is responsible for overseeing pool operations, maintenance, staff liaison, swim meets lead and social events lead.

Vice President of Communications, Vacant 

The Manager of Communications is responsible for all forms of communication between members. This includes information about meetings, updates on the website, social media and communications with external bodies such as newspapers.

Vice President Public Affairs, Anne Hébert 

The Vice-President of Public Affairs is responsible for building relationships with the city, the NAA, Hydro Quebec, etc and will help acquire funds from the government, therefore will attend all external meetings as needed.

Vice President Marketing & Sponsorship, Karen Meyer

The Vice-President of Marketing is responsible for guaranteeing sponsorship to cover costs of pool maintenance and support in carrying out pool activities and events.


Staff Liaison, David Bertrand

The Staff Liaison is the membership’s contact person to the pool staff. He is the staff mentor, working with them to review programs, deal with human resources issues and to represent the staff to the Executive Committee.

Maintenance Lead, Dan Maloney

The Maintenance Lead is responsible for the overall premises and ensures that 400,000 gallons of water are actually fit to swim in. The Maintenance Lead helps the pool staff maintain the pump facility to ensure that it is in great shape for the summer season. 

Swim Meet LeadKaren Smith

The Swim Meet Lead is responsible for ensuring the successful swim meets.  This includes recruiting officials, providing all forms and equipment, maintaining ribbons stock, and the coordination of a hospitality section for volunteers during home meets. The Meet Manager works with the Pool Manager to ensure that all officials required for an event are recruited from other NAA pools as per the NAA constitution.

Social Events Lead , Vacant

The Social Events Lead ensures the smooth execution of the activities in the events calendar.  Details will be communicated via the splash news, Facebook and posters at the pool.  He or she will also be responsible to communicate all information regarding birthday parties to the Staff Liaison and upper staff.

Membership Lead , Mary Di Nezza

The Membership Lead is responsible for membership. Much of the Membership Lead’s work happens in the pre-season, ensuring that as many returning and new members will register as possible.

Oasis Lead  (Food and Beverage Snack Bar), Renée Maude Fortier-Vien

The Oasis Lead is responsible for coordinating all staff and food service including our Oasis snack counter and any fundraising that includes food. For the Oasis this means coordinating many volunteers including BBQ cooks, shoppers, and servers for whenever the snack bar is open.

Gate Lead, Vacant

The Gate Lead is responsible for properly training staff and leaders, to collect cash and checks while always issuing receipts.  Both cash and receipts must be given promptly to the finance manager at least once a week.

Splash News Lead, David Bertrand in collaboration with the Staff

The Splash News Lead is responsible for writing all Splash News in collaboration with staff in both French and English for the year.

 IT & Website Lead, Vacant

The IT & Website Lead is responsible for the back-end support of the website, posting all the Splash News, schedules, flyers, sponsors, staff pictures, biographies, etc. on the website and maintaining an up-to-date membership distribution list.

Social Media Lead, Vacant

The Social Media Lead is responsible for all social media, including FB, Twitter, YouTube, etc. and its initiatives.