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There are three levels of teams: pre-junior, junior and senior teams. Depending on the number of girls, a second team in any of theses categories may need to be formed.

The girls will be placed on the appropriate team based on the following criteria:

  • Skill and athletic ability
  • Time available for synchro/dedication
  • Experience
  • If the individual is a winter or summer swimmer


Pre-junior team(s)

This team is for children 10 and under. In order to participate, individuals must be able to tread water in the deep end for a minimum of 2 minutes without coming to the side. The pre-junior team is for girls who are new to the sport of synchronized swimming and who wish to get a feel for competition and commitment. Pre-junior team members are required to wear a team swimsuit.

There is one competition held towards the end of the summer of which the date is to be determined by the NAA at the beginning of the summer. Due to the popularity of this team, it is asked that children unable to attend the competition and/or several of the practices refrain from joining the team.

Those unable to meet the time commitment required for pre-junior synchro can still attend synchro lessons, which take place Monday and Wednesday mornings, and for which there is no commitment.


Junior team(s)
This team is for children 13 and under. It is typically for girls with previous synchronized swimming experience. Being on the junior team requires about a 5-hour weekly time commitment plus extra practices around competition time. Participants will be required to purchase a team swimsuit.

The preliminary competition is usually held at the end of July or the very beginning of August while the final competition is usually held around mid August. The date and time of these events are be announced by the coach as soon as they are made available. Ideally, there are 8 individuals on the team. The NAA requires that each junior team perform specific elements.


Senior team(s)

This team is for children 16 and under. At this level, the swimming is more intricate and elaborate. It is physically more demanding and requires about a 5 hour per week time commitment plus additional practices around competition time. Participants are expected at every practice and will be required to notify the coach of any absence. Typically, but not without exception, these individuals are 14 years of age and over.